Training Management-Getting Started

One of the most important tasks for any organization centers on managing staff training and certifications. Making sure staff is trained and current on required training’s benefits the individuals they serve and keeps the organization compliant with regulations. 

To begin: From the main iCM dashboard click on the Training Management icon.

The training dashboard has many features. We will take a look at each section so that you can become familiar with what they are and how they work.

General Training: Here you will see the list of training’s that have been entered into your organization. This is a list that you are able to customize to fit your needs.

Trainee Log Meters:  Required, Waived, Trained, Expired and Optional. This allows you to quickly view and manage these training’s. 

Training Material: You will see that you can add training documents, a video link and any training notes in this section.

Training Classes: In this section you will find all classes or sessions being offered for the training topic. You can manage these classes here. By clicking on the class actions button you can: add, edit, copy, move, cancel, delete, close and even register for a class. 

Policy: The policy section is where you will find the basic information, expiration and training due information. 

Individual: In this section you will find the individuals you support and the training’s that are specific to their needs.

Individual View: Here you would sort by individual name to see the training needs. Again you will notice meters for a quick view on status.

Staff: The last section is labeled Staff. In this section you are able to sort and select a staff to see where they are with training and compliance. 

Staff View: In this staff section you will see a completion bar as well as a list of training’s and their status. 

 Now let’s take a look at the sections found by clicking at the top of the screen

  •          First and foremost you should notice (and use) the link to all the training videos available

Class Management:  Here you can see all the classes being offered, sort by training type and specific training. You can see weekly, monthly and custom views. You are also able to manage class sessions: add, edit, copy, move, cancel, delete, close and register. 

Waiver Management: This section allows you to manage waiver requests for staff.

Waiver Management View: There are many sort options in this section to find specific waiver information.

Quiz Management: In quiz management you are able to add in quiz information for training topics. 

This has been an introduction to our Training Management tool. For further assistance please check out some of our other help documents and videos. 

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