How to create a quiz?

In our Training Management feature we give you the ability to create and customize a quiz that relates to a training topic. In this feature along with the creation of the document you have the ability to edit and see staff quizzes. 

Let's take a look at this exciting feature!

  1. You begin in the Training Management module by clicking at the top of the screen where you see Quiz Management.
  2. To get started you click where you see Add Quiz.
  3. Enter your quiz title and a description (optional).
  4. You will then see the Basic Information for the quiz and the Questions tab. 
  5. Click on the Questions tab and then Add Question.
  6. You can select the type of question (multiple choice, single answer, fill in the blank or short explanation) and then enter the question. 
  7. Next you would enter the answers. Make sure to place a check next to the correct answer and save. You also have the ability to attach a question here.
  8. Continue to build the quiz by adding all the questions and answers. 
  9. Once they are all entered you go back to the Basic Information button and Publish the quiz. 
  10. If this is the first quiz then this is the new version and you select Yes.
  11. Now you have to attach the quiz to the training topic. Click the button that says Attached Trainings.
  12. Select the training and quiz version and then Attach Training.
  13. Next you would set your passing score and allowed number of attempts and save. 

Once the quiz is published staff will then be able to take the quiz in the system. Staff go into their profile and find the training topic. They click the action button and then select to Take Quiz. Staff start the quiz and at the end they select when they are finished.  There are alerts that can be set so you know when staff have taken a quiz (quiz locked) or when it has been graded.  Back in quiz management you will see staff quizzes under that tab. You can manually grade them from here. 

There are permissions for this functionality. Please reach out to your System Administrator for permission to access Quiz Management. 

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