Training Module Enhancements: Restricting Access when Staff Training has Expired or is Incomplete

Introducing one of  the latest enhancements to our Training Management Module

How to Automatically Restrict Access when Staff Training has Expired/is Incomplete

When setting a training policy, for a person or a general training, you have the option to decide whether this type of training is so critical that staff should not be permitted to work with a person or within the system until they are trained. There is a setting in each training policy where you can “Block Access.”

For person trainings, when this setting is turned on and if staff require a training they will be blocked from accessing the person they need training on. There will be a message next to that person in the person list that “your access to this person has been suspended due to incomplete training.” 

When staff see this message they can click on the person and it will take them to their staff profile. Here they can see what training they need. Staff will be blocked from accessing all of the system except for their training record so they may register for training.

There is a permission that may be granted to certain roles to be able to grant temporary access to a staff in the event of an emergency. 

Here is a look at the permission changes. System administrators will need to visit the permission manager to set these permissions accordingly.

There will be a workflow rule to alert supervisors and/or certain roles/staff for these cases.

We hope you find this new features useful. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

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