Class Management

Once you have created the training policies the next step would be to create training class sessions. Once the classes are created staff can begin the process of registering. Let's get started

Step 1: From the main iCM dashboard click on the Training Management module.

Step 2: Find desired training topic in the list and click on training classes. From here click on add class. 

Step 3: On this next screen you begin by adding the class start date, maximum trainees (class size) and topic(s). Make sure to save.

Step 4: Once you have the initial class basic information you can begin to add training sessions by selecting Add Day.

Step 5: In this area you enter all class information: title, topics, date, time, duration, trainer and location. 

Step 6: Once you have this entered and saved it will show and from here staff can register. To add additional days simply click Add Day and add in more sessions. 

Step 7: Once the policies and classes are set you will begin to notice on the trainee log meters those that are required, waived, etc. In this area you can sort by role, stage (registered and wait listed) and classes. 

Step 8: If you would like to see a big picture of all offered training session click on the Class Management button.

Step 9: Once in this section you will see tabs for sorting to see your training schedule.

Step 10: From this section you have the ability to select check in/out status or to print a class sign in/out sheet. When you click on the Action button you will see these options. Check out our permissions and settings document to see how to set these features up. 

Option 1: Sign in/out sheet (print out)

Option 2: Check in/out using a computer (laptop or tablet). You can clearly see date and time stamp when staff check in/out for training classes. 

This has been step by step instructions on setting up your training sessions/classes. If you need further assistance please reach out to our team. 

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