How does Training work on the Mobile App?

The iCM Mobile app now gives you the ability through the training icon to do the following:

  • See what trainings you are required to take and their status (required, expired, current, trained).
  • Register for trainings if needed.
  • View not only common classes, but person-specific training progress.

To get started, simply login to the app and tap on the orange Trainings button.

  1. It will open up to the General tab where you can see any general trainings you may need and a progress bar indicating your percentage of training completion.
  2. Classes that you need to register for have an orange register button. Tap the button to register.
  3. Tap Individuals at the top to switch tabs and see what individual trainings you need and your percentage of training for each person you are assigned to. There is also a nice program filter bar at the top if you want to filter the list of individuals by program. 

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