How to update a quiz?

Once you have quizzes created in the system there may come a time that you need to make a change, edit or update. All of these require you to create a new version of the quiz so you can preserve the history of staff who have taken previous versions. We are going to look at this process. 

  1. Start by going into the Training Management module. 
  2. Next click at the top where you see Quiz Management.
  3. In your list of quizzes find the quiz you want to change and highlight it in red by clicking on it.
  4. Click on the Question tab to see the questions on the current version. 
  5. Here you can edit the current questions, add questions, attach questions or delete questions.
  6. Once you have made all edits click on the Basic Information tab.
  7. Next you click on Publish to create the newest version of your quiz. 
  8. You then move to the Attached Training tab to link the newest version.
  9. Click where you see Attach Training and then select the Training, quiz version, set your passing score and allowed number of attempts and Save.
  10. This will make the new quiz the Active version.

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