Staff Overview

The Staff module in iCareManager allows you to keep track of all of your staff in one place. The staff record contains critical information about a staff's basic information, their documents, trainings, med errors, confidential info, driver history, user log, and more.

The permissions module allows you to define which roles have access to which features and at what level (ex. module access off/on, view only, edit, delete). These permissions are constantly tweaked to ensure that users have the access that they need, no more no less, to iCM. 

Caseloads can be reassigned using the Caseload Reassign tool. This is great if one employee leaves, all their caseload can be transferred to another employee for coverage. This tool can also be used in temporary on-call situations to make sure managers have access to the people they need to support in an emergency.

Staff data can be manually updated or updated through an import file. Changes you can keep track of include assignments, department moves, terminations and suspensions.


How to edit or adjust Permissions?

How to reassign caseloads?

How to terminate or suspend staff?

How to Add Staff?

Importing Staff data with file uploads?

How to set up Permissions?

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