How to reassign caseloads?

Check out our Caseload Reassign tool. This tool is easy to use and quickly helps you shuffle or move the people you support. This is a great tool to use when one staff leaves to distribute their caseload and tasks to other staff within your agency. 

Here's how to reassign a caseload:

  1. Go to the staff record who you want to give individuals to from the person who has left.
  2.  Go to the “Caseload Assign” tab.
  3. Select the old staff member by clicking on Add and using the drop down. 
  4. Click the button to Assign this caseload to the staff.
  5. Next you can assign the correct programs or sites by using the toggle(s).

6. Once the toggle is enabled then you can further assign all or portions of people from that program or site. Make sure to click Save.

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