Importing Staff data with file uploads?


iCareManager provides multiple ways to insert and update staff related data in the system.  

You can manually manage the data where you can easily Add, Edit, Terminate, and Suspend staff.  But if you have an HR system where you keep staff related data, then you can import this data via file uploads.

iCareManager also provides programmatic access to data (APIs) if file based uploading is not a desirable solution.

The process below defines how iCareManager imports Staff data from external systems.  Here're some salient points:
  1. To import staff data with a file, go to Staff list and then click on the Import Staff button
  2. This process can be used to Insert initial staff data as well as to Update existing data.
  3. The import process uses the Employee ID to determine if it is a New staff or an Update to an existing staff.
  4. Multiple imports of the same data are permissible where subsequent imports are treated like an update.  Any changes in the data are reflected accordingly even if the imported field is blank.  For example, if the initial import file had a HireDate of 2/2/20 for a staff member and a subsequent import file for the same staff had a different date of 2/5/20 then the hire date will be updated to 2/5/20.  Similarly, if the import file had a blank HireDate then the date of 2/2/20 will be deleted.
  5. The only exception to this rule is the Role ID.  System will import Role IDs from the import file and set them properly for each staff member, but if the Role ID is incorrect or null in an initial or a subsequent (update) import file, then there will be no effect on existing data.
  6. The format of the file MUST not be altered.  If any columns are misspelled or missing then the import process will stop.  Columns can be in any sequence as long as they are present in the file.

Field description

  1. EmployeeID: Staff ID from an external system — any alpha numeric characters with maximum of 5 characters.  An empty or null value in this field will result in adding a new staff in the system.
  2. FirstName: Max 100 characters
  3. MiddleName: Max 100 characters
  4. LastName: Max 100 characters
  5. RoleID:  iCM role ID of staff (available from iCM — this is not the role ID from the external system)
  6. Gender
    • M
    • Male
    • F
    • Female
    • AG
    • Agender
    • BG
    • Bigender
    • TG
    • Transgender
    • TS
    • Transexual
    • OO
    • Opt out
  7. DoB: any date in the format 1/2/1980
  8. Email: Max 50 alpha-numeric characters (email address of the staff)
  9. PhoneNumber: Max 50 alpha-numeric characters
  10. CellPhone: Max 50 alpha-numeric characters
  11. Address: Max 500 alpha-numeric characters
  12. AddressLine2: Max 500 alpha-numeric characters
  13. City: Max 50 alpha-numeric characters
  14. State: abbreviated state
  15. ZipCode: Max 50 alpha-numeric characters
  16. HireDate: any date in the format 1/2/1980
  17. SSN: Max 50 alpha-numeric characters (9 numbers in this format 123-45-6789)
  18. WageType:  H for hourly, S for salaried
  19. Status:  1 for Active, 2 for Terminated, 3 for Suspended
  20. StatusDescription:  Max 4000 alpha-numeric characters (comments for the Status)
  21. StatusDate:  Date when the status changed; it can only be a current or a future date (no past dates)
  22. Department: custom format or scheme that allows iCM to uniquely identify the staff’s department
  23. JobCode: job codes should match with what’s in iCM
  24. Secondary JobCodes: should match with what’s in iCM; use comma as delimiter
  25. JotTitle: should match with what’s in iCM
  26. Supervisors: EmployeeIDs of supervisor; use pipe (‘|’) delimiter if more than one
Any field that may contain a comma ( , ) must be escaped properly with preceding and trailing back slash characters.  

For example:  123-N, 33 Jacob Street must be provided as 123-N\,\ 33 Jacob Street

Required fields

If data in the required field is not in the correct format, or is empty/null then that particular record will not be imported.

  1. FirstName
  2. LastName
  3. RoleID (can be provided in the import file or in the import settings for a default value)

Important fields

Following fields are not required but incorrect data in these fields will generate an error and the specific record will not be imported.
  1. EmployeeID
  2. Gender
  3. DoB
  4. HireDate
  5. SSN
  6. WageType
  7. Status
  8. StatusDate

Fields with warnings

If data in the following fields is not correct then the import will still continue but with warnings.
  1. JobCode
  2. Secondary JobCodes
  3. JotTitle
  4. Department

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