How to Add Staff?

You can add staff to iCM in a few easy steps.

Here's how:

  1. The tool for managing staff can be accessed from the dashboard by touching/clicking the staff icon on the left side. It looks like a person with a stethoscope on the left navigation bar. Once inside this feature you will see a list of any active staff. 
  2. From this location you have many options for managing your staff. Let’s begin with adding a new staff member. Note the green Add Staff tab-simply touch/click to get started.
  3. On this screen you input staff information being careful to select the correct staff type (manager, DN, staff) and their location. Below the location field you will see a section asking if you would like to grant iCM access. If you leave this green a user name will automatically be generated. You will need to provide a password. Standard practice would be to use the same password format and then encourage staff to change their password once they are up and using the system.
  4. After the employee is entered you will have full access to the rest of the features of the chart for data entry.
  5. Once you have staff entered you will direct them to this dashboard so that they can change their password if you have granted them access to use iCM. Once you have the basic information populated the next tab you see is Permissions. Permissions are very important because they define what an employee can do in the system. From this location you can add sites, assign programs and specify individual assignment. From the top level to the bottom this feature controls the roles and duties of staff. 
  6. By clicking/touching Add Site a drop down shows options for selecting locations and you select and add. Pay attention to the date field to the left and if you want to future date be sure to populate accordingly. 

Some key points regarding staff

  •  Any email address entered into the chart should be a facility based email. The iCM system is HIPAA compliant and email read through the system is safe and falls under the proper guidelines.
  •  A current photo of the employee is recommended. It is easy to take a photo from your smart phone and email it to your computer. Photos are easily uploaded by clicking the photo box on the employee chart.
  • Encourage employees to change their password and write it down. Passwords should never be saved or shared to a work device. Smart password management is crucial to securing your system. Changing a password can be done from the employee chart.
  • When employees are working in the system they should always log out before walking away. Leaving a device unattended in a logged in status can lead to a breech in data and security. By default the system will log you out after 10 minutes of no activity.

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