The Attendance module is a comprehensive attendance system for iCareManager customers.  

This module provides an online timekeeping system so that users can record the services they are providing to people they support. Providers can configure their own funding streams and define the billable units for each service, as well as how and when attendance should be taken. A person has an attendance record for each funding stream they are receiving that requires attendance be marked. There is a built-in approval process with four levels of approval to support provider workflows. 

At the end of the attendance process, the state can be billed through the use of reports and/or integration with some state systems. This module is available both on the web and on the mobile app. On the app, QR code badges can be scanned to check someone in for attendance, and the location of the check-in is recorded for electronic visit verification (EVV).

Additionally, there is a compliance setting so providers can see the percentage of compliance with service provision prior to billing. It is important to ensure that services are provided before you bill for those services. In an audit, you will want to show that you have provided all the services that you are billing for. That's why iCM has a feature called attendance compliance which gives you a glimpse into the percentage of services that have been marked off in the Care Tracker along with the attendance time that has been marked.

To get started:

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