How to print QR code badges?

Our new QR Code Attendance feature comes with the ability to generate QR code badges for the people you support. Let's take a look at generating these badges and printing them out. 

  1. From the main dashboard click on the individual icon or module button to get started.
  2. Once in this area click at the top where you see Badges.
  3. Here you can select how many badges you would like to print per page. You can select one if you just have one to print or replace.
  4. Here you can see 4 badges per page. 
  5. These badges print out with a unique QR code for each person supported. These are in standard badge size and can be placed in a sleeve or laminated. You could also leave them on a sheet of paper and then use the paper to scan people in and out. They can easily be printed again and again.

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