How to finish attendance at the end of the month?

At the end of the month, certain people within your organization must submit, review, approve, and bill for the attendance entries.

Click here for a video Advancing the video to the 3:15 mark will demonstrate the review process.

Passcode: 3d!EN=5Y

Here's how:

  1. Once attendance is entered in the whole month's calendar, a Mark Done button will appear. The first user, ex. the DSP, marks the attendance as Done.
  2. A second user, ex. the supervisor, will now see a button called Mark Reviewed. They can mark as approved by clicking this button.
  3. A third user, ex. the Director, will now see a button called Mark Approved. They can mark as reviewed by clicking this button.
  4. The final user, who bills for the unit, will have a Mark Billed button. They can mark as billed by clicking this button.
    1. Please note that if you are electronically billing through Maryland's LTSS or other state electronic billing service, iCM will automatically Mark Billed, those units that were electronically billed.

And voila! The attendance for the month is complete.

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