How to upload billing to LTSS?

iCareManager is integrated with LTSS Maryland for billing. All we need to do is get you set up and you can upload your billing with the click of a few buttons.

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Here's how:

  1. Go to your Admin Tools -> iCM Settings -> Billing View and make sure that your Billing View is turned On.
  2. Go to Admin Tools - > iCM Settings -> Attendance. Enter in your state-provided LTSS credentials in the LTSS Configuration section.
  3. Once all attendance has been through the approval process and is ready to be billed, it will show up in your Billing View. You can access the Billing View from the iCM Dashboard.
  4. Filter the screen to load attendance records that you want to upload to LTSS.
  5. Select All or Select certain records to upload.
  6. Click Upload Selected.
  7. Entries will either move to the Billed tab or Error tab where you can view the results of your upload.

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