Nursing Module Overview

iCareManger's Nursing module enables nurses to complete important nursing documents within the system. These documents serve to support and monitor a person's health and wellness needs. There are three main features in this module: the Initial Nursing Evaluation (INE), the Nursing Care Plan, and the 45 Day Assessment/Nursing Visit.

The Initial Nursing Evaluation is completed whenever a nurse is new to a person. The purpose of this assessment is for the nurse to assess the person's medical condition and needs. Assessment topics include but are not limited to diet, skin, allergies, ambulation, bowel function, communication, and more.

The Nursing Care Plan is developed to outline what steps are necessary for the staff who is supporting the person related to any allergies, diagnoses, or other nursing objectives. Items from the Nursing Care Plan can have services attached to them which are tracked in the Care Tracker.

The 45 Day Assessment/Nursing Visit is completed by the nurse to monitor the person's overall health and the implementation of the Nursing Care Plan. Sections include vital signs, weight record, medication review, medical appointment review, and more.

Additionally, nurses can complete a Delegating Nurse Medication Review.


How to complete the Initial Nursing Evaluation (INE)?

How to complete the Nursing Plan of Care?

How to complete a 45 Day Nursing Visit?

How to complete a medication review?

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