How to complete a 45 Day/Nursing Visit?

How to Complete a Nursing Visit/45 Day Assessment

iCM has developed a tool for nursing staff to be able to chart their visits or nursing encounters with the people they support. With this tool you can chart these visits every 45 days or sooner depending on the visit or the schedule. 

Here's how:

  1. Go to the list of Individuals and click where you see eChart
  2. Click on Nursing Visit/45 Day button and then click on Add Nursing Visit
  3. If the Individual is in multiple programs select the desired Program on the left side of the page, 
    1. If this Assessment will cover multiple Programs, see 11 b.
  4. Fill out Basic Information section and click Save
  5. Next fill out the Assessment section and Save
  6. Go down the list of sections to review the remaining data
  7. In Appointments you can select to include any completed appointments
  8. Add comments in comment sections and make sure to Save
  9. Once all sections are complete click Generate
  10. In the list of documents you can click where you see Action
  11. You can then perform one of these actions: View/Print/Download/Copy/Sign/Fax/Delete
    1. Print now includes the ability to make specific selections to included limited desired data 
    2. Copy allows for the Assessment to be copied and used in other Programs. i.e. Day and Community Developmental Services, if they have the same CM/DN.
  12. To sign your document click Sign and then Finalize
  13. Once finalized staff can then view/read/sign

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