Initial Nursing Evaluation

One of the key tasks for nurses is to perform an initial nursing evaluation (INE) on every individual on their caseload. Here we are introducing our newest feature. There are several important steps and key sections that need to be filled out. Here we will outline the steps needed to generate this document. Let's get started

Step 1: Go to the individual profile section.

Step 2: Once in the profile click on the medical information tab. Make sure allergy and diagnosis information is showing and correct. 

Step 3: Next select medical condition and fill our each section completely. The information in all of these sections populate directly to the INE. This information can only be adjusted here in the profile.

Step 4: Now we need to move into the eChart. Once in the eChart select Person Assessment.

Step 5: The first thing in this section is to make sure the program you are completing the assessment for is selected. After you have selected the program you can begin to go through each of these sections to fill out the information. Where you see the person icon-this indicates that this information comes from the profile.

Make sure each of the sections is filled out. If there is no information in the section you will have blank spaces in the INE document.

Step 6: Once you have all sections completed. Scroll to the top and click on the INE button

Step 7: Now you are in the INE section. Click on Add INE.

Step 8: Again, make sure you have the proper program showing in the selection box. You can begin by entering your basic information. Then you can see the information that was previously added in the assessment and profile sections. Where you see appointment comments-you can enter information in this area and save. Once saved the edit button will appear.

Step 9: Continue to move down the sections. You open and close them by clicking the + or - sign in the right corner. Where you add information please make sure to save.

Step 10: Here is another reminder-if you see information in these sections that is not correct they can only be adjusted/edited in the profile or assessment section.

Step 11: After you have looked over each session and saved the sections you entered data into you will scroll back to the top and click where you see Save INE.

Step 12: In this step you will enter the vitals you obtained during your visit and click continue.

Step 13: You will then be taken to the list of INE's and you will find your document here. You can review this by selecting print and you can sign this document by clicking on Sign.

Step 14: Select sign document and use your device to sign. All staff that sign this document will show in this area and will print out with the document is selected to print. Once you have all signatures you can finalize the document. 

Step 15: Here is a glimpse of what a document looks like when printed. 

Once you have created this document the data will push to any new document created. You would make your edits in the profile and assessments sections as needed and in any of the comment boxes available. Thank you for looking at this help guide. To print this information click the print button at the top. 

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