How to Complete an Initial Nursing Evaluation?

How do I complete an Initial Nursing Evaluation?

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When a person is new to service or new to your caseload one of the tasks for the Nurse would be to complete an Initial Nursing Evaluation. We have an easy to use yet comprehensive feature for this. Let's take a look at how to complete this document.

  1. Begin by updating the allergy and diagnosis sections found in the profile under Medical Info. 
  2. Next you will go to the eChart and INE button. Click where you see Add INE.
  3. Begin by selecting the Program that you are completing the assessment for if there is more than one program for the person.
  4. Start by entering and saving the Basic Information section.
  5.  Then you will complete each section you want to include in your document. Make sure to save each section.
  6. Once all the sections you want to include are filled out you click at the top where you see a larger green Generate INE button.

Make sure to fill out every section you want to show in your assessment. Sections that are left blank will not print out on the document once generated.

7. Once generated it will show in the list of INE documents that have been created. 

8. Now you can make edits, sign and finalize your document. 

9. If you need to Edit, click on the Edit button and it takes you back to the INE section in the eChart. 

10. Once all edits are complete you will Sign and Finalize your document. You can no longer edit after you have finalized

14. Once Finalized you can see the ability to Download the document.

Here is a glimpse of what the document looks like when printed. 

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