Site Management Overview

Site Management in iCM allows you to track important information about programs and sites in your hierarchy. There are several features within this module which allow you and your staff to track needed events and complete important paperwork in iCM. 

With our Drills feature, management can define a schedule of required drills so that staff are alerted when they are assigned a drill that is upcoming due. Alerts can be generated to notify appropriate parties if a drill is late, even if the evacuation time is over a certain parameter. Staff easily complete their drill reports in iCM.

My Sites allows users to access quick info about their sites, including but not limited to basic info like the wifi password, emergency info, documents, staff, property and more based on permissions.

Maintenance Requests provides a workflow where your DSPs can create an initial maintenance request that gets sent to the manager for approval and then the maintenance department for resolution.

Home Inspections provides a mechanism to complete a customizable checklist to ensure the health, safety and programmatic integrity of services.


How to add a drill?

How does My Sites work?

How do Maintenance Requests work?

How do Home Inspections work?

How to connect Funding Streams to Programs/Sites?

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