How does My Sites work?

iCM has a quick way for you to access site information through My Sites.

Let's get started:

  1. From your main dashboard click where you see My Sites.
  2. Once inside the module click on any of your sites to see the site dashboard.
  3. Be sure to check out the Quick Info box. This is meant to provide staff with important/essential information quickly. 
  4. The first tab is basic info where you can set all important information for the site.
  5. Staff/Manager shows you who is assigned to that site.
  6. Documents tab gives you access to your site documents.
  7. The Property tab allows you to add information about the site, and keep track of any assets or inventory.
  8. Use the Emergency tab to track emergency info such as rally point, evacuation plans, and a site-specific emergency plan.
  9. Click on Maintenance Requests, Drills, and Inspections to see all of these items for this site.

Note: There is a permission for each tab in the site record. Make sure to set the needed permissions so that staff can access this newly enhanced feature. We hope you enjoy these new enhancements and look forward to your feedback. 

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