How do Maintenance Requests work?

iCM's maintenance request module is simple and easy to use.

Here's how it works:

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  1. Find the Maintenance button on the main dashboard and click to begin. 
  2. At the top of the screen click where you see Add Request to enter a Maintenance ticket.
  3. When the next screen comes up fill out the ticket information. Once it is filled out completely click where see Save.
  4. Depending on what permissions have been set you may or may not have access to Approve requests and assign tickets. Follow this workflow if you have the needed permissions.
  5. If a ticket is legitimate you would Approve the ticket. You can make edits to information if needed.
  6. If a ticket is not needed this can be deleted by clicking on the red trashcan icon
  7. Once the ticket is approved it then needs to be Assigned. Here you can changed/adjust the due date and time and then assign to Internal Maintenance staff or an External agency or contractor. Once the ticket is assigned it will show for the staff to work on the ticket
  8. The maintenance staff are able to make comments on the ticket by clicking the comment bubble. You should check this area for comments regarding the ticket. Once they begin work on the ticket they can mark it as In Progress or Deferred. A ticket may be deferred for any number of reasons. This information can often be found in comments.
  9. Once a ticket is completed the staff will click Mark Done.
  10. They will fill out the next section with any last comments and the date and time
  11. Once a ticket is marked done it no longer shows in the list. You can find all completed tickets by using the sorts at the top of the screen.
  12.  Tickets can be printed out if needed by clicking on the print button.

 It's very important for System Admin users to review and set the permissions for this new feature. They are found in the permission settings and then under Manage Sites.

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