Managing Programs

How to Manage DDA Programs

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Under the DDA vision people with developmental disabilities will have full and active lives in the communities of their choice. The goal for all who live outside their home is to live and age well.

Programs are a major support for the DDA individual. Programs include employment, clinical support, advancement, finance, human resources, community living and many more. It is the role of the system administrator to create the various programs for their organization. Once programs are added then directors and managers can assign individuals to the programs.

Step 1

To access the programs feature from the dashboard you can click/touch the globe facility icon or scroll to the bottom and click/touch manage programs. You will be directed to the screen below.

All previously created programs are listed in blue on the left. You will see meters for participants as well as assigned staff. Basic information is visible as well as a notes and comments section.

Step 2

A new program is referred to as a New Top Node. You touch/click this area and the fields will pop up for you to carefully add and save the information for this new program.

Step 3

It is then possible to add branches under each program. To accomplish this you need to first make sure you are in the correct program and then touch/click Add Child. You will notice that a round circle appears next to some programs while others have a plus sign. The plus sign indicates that branches already exist. To open and view simply touch/click the plus sign.    

After programs are created by the system administrator, directors and managers will have access to manage the programs participants as well as staff.

Step 4

From the screen below you will see that you can easily manage staff. To add individuals to the program you must access this from their e-chart.

Keeping an accurate and up to date list of all programs is crucial to keeping a clean and up to date e-Chart. On the next page we will explore adding individuals to programs.

Step 5

From the resident e-Chart you should notice the orange Manage Programs tab button. Touch or click to open this area.

Once inside this area you will see programs that the individual is actively assigned to. There is also a history tab as well as discharged tab.

Step 6

To add a program simply touch/click Add and make selections to save.

Within categories there are often sub-categories. It is important to pay close attention when making selections.

Once you add the program the individual is assigned until you discharge from that program. It is important to discharge from the correct location. Let’s take a look.

Step 7

To discharge an individual from a program you must be in the in individual’s e-Chart under Manage Programs. You will see their list of active programs and the word Discharge in blue. Touch/click Discharge to get started.

Step 8

A discharge summary will pop up and necessary data needs to be filled out.

From this area they can be transferred from one program to another or discharged from the selected program. If transferring within make sure to select the new program and click the box to move services as well. Once complete the information can be found under the history tab under managed programs.

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