What should I do if I add a new Site?

As your agency grows you may take on or add new sites. Here are some things you will need to do to ensure proper set up and success. 

  1. Enter the new site into your organization hierarchy.
  2. Make sure to add all the necessary details: address, phone, fax and any needed codes (clock in/out, department codes).
  3. If you are integrated with a pharmacy, contact our Help Desk and let us know about this new site. 
  4. We will reach out and obtain the necessary pharmacy code so that individuals at this new site will receive their medications and orders will show in the system. 
  5. Make sure to attach funding streams to the new site in the hierarchy.
  6. When you transfer individuals or add them to the new site make sure their profile is complete and all funding is in place. 

Here is a link on how to transfer individuals from one site to another. 

Transfer Within Document

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