How to Discharge or Transfer Individuals & Residents?

When an individual or resident is no longer under your service or care an important task is to discharge the person from the system, or transfer them to another program/site. 

Here's how:

  1. Find the individual or resident in your list and click on View Profile.
  2. Once in the profile click on the tab that says Program or Location.
  3. Once in this section you will see the list of programs (DDA) or the site (ALF) that a person is associated with. Click where you see the word Discharge (in blue)
  4. Fill out the discharge summary following your organization guidelines. The date and time are required as well as the discharge type. 
  5. You have the ability to transfer the individual or resident to another program within your organization. It is critical at this point to select Transfer within and Transfer Services To The New Program.

6. If you are not transferring or moving the person to a new program or location you can scroll to the bottom and click on Save. The record is now inactive and sitting under the Discharge button in the facility section.

7.  To work in a discharged file-go into the tab above and search for the person. Click where you see discharge summary. You do not need to readmit this individual/resident to see their data.

8. Once inside you have access to the eChart. You can add, edit and print out information. 


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