Incident Reporting Center Overview

In iCM's Incident Reporting Center, the Direct Support Professional (DSP) can easily report an incident by completing what's called an Incident Communication Form (Step 1). This form can be signed by the DSP and then classified by the supervisor as either reportable or non-reportable (Step 2). Both these steps are available on iCM's mobile app, so they can be completed on the go.

Next, iCM's Incident Reporting Center will prompt staff through the remainder of the incident reporting process, including completion of the Incident Report (Step 3), the Agency Investigation Report (Step 4), and the Quality Enhancement Review (Step 5). 

Throughout different steps and stages of the report, the progress can be monitored and alerts can be sent to appropriate parties based on your preferences and workflow settings.



How to report an incident on the mobile app?

How to communicate an incident?

Settings and permissions

How to mark an incident as private?

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