Document Management

Welcome to our newest feature for managing documents. This feature allows you to define staff access to documents for People, Employees and Sites. This enhanced feature offers another layer of protection for sensitive information. Let's take a look at how to use this feature. 

Step 1: On the main dashboard you will see the Admin Tools icon-click here to begin. 

Step 2: Once inside the Admin Tools feature you will see a purple Document Management button. Click this button to continue. 

Step 3: In this section you can select the type of Template you would like to create: Person, Staff or Site Documents. 

Step 4: Click Add Folder and type in the folder name and then select Add.

Step 5: To set the permissions for each folder created click the folder to show the grid.Click edit and make your selections for each role in the system to set their level of access. Once finished click Save Permission. 

Once you create all the folders and set all the permissions the folder structure will show under every person supported in their new eChart section called Person Document Management.

Repeat this same process for Staff documents as well as Facility or Site based documents. Again, this structure will automatically show in those sections. 

You can then move documents from Scanned Items over to the new Document Management feature. 

Step 1: In scanned items find the document you wish to move. Select the checkbox next to the move button and a button will appear to move to new Document Management feature.  

Step 2: Next select the correct folder to place the document and move the document. 

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