Provider Implementation Plan

In this document we want to show you the steps in the PCP process that will help you to create and generate the PIP (Provider Implementation Plan). Let's get started.

Step 1: To begin you need to be inside the draft for the PCP. 

In this PCP process one of the steps would be to create the Outcomes/Goals and Strategies. Find this task in the list on the left side and go into the Goals section.

Step 2: Once in this section, select the program and then you add in the first Outcome. Following the outcome you would add the goal and then strategy. Make sure to add in a description in these sections as this will show on the generated documents.

Step 3: In the strategy step you are building out specific information for staff. This information is how the staff will chart their daily interactions and the individuals progress toward the goal. You can add as many options in this area as you would like. 

Step 4: There are a few final steps in setting the strategies.  

  • You need to set a  schedule (when services will be provided/charted).
  • You decide what staff by role will work with this individual and chart this progress
  • Toggle to show this on the Care Tracker
  • Attach the funding stream

Once you have all the goals and strategies entered there are a few other areas that will pull to the PIP. The system administrator can control what data is pulled by adjusting the PIP settings.

If you want to show an individualized schedule on your PIP you have to make sure that the activities are entered into the individuals chart. 

Step 5: To enter see the schedule or enter activities you would go into the eChart and the Services tab. Make sure to select the correct program

Step 6: You can see the activities that are listed and there is a button to see the Individualized Schedule.

Step 7: On the PIP you can also show staffing ration and unsupervised time. To confirm that this is set or to set this information you need to go into the Individual Assessment tab found in the eChart.

Step 8: You would scroll to find the tabs and verify or set this information.

Step 9: If you want to include the Important To and Important For data you should make sure this is entered. Go to the individual profile and this is found under the Basic Info tab.

Once you have all your data entered and before you implement your PCP you can generate the PIP to make sure it looks complete and you haven't missed any data entry. 

Step 10: Go back into the draft PCP and at the top of the screen click where you see Provider Implementation Plan.

Step 11: You can make selections by using the toggles and click on Generate.

Step 12: View the PIP and make sure all information is showing as it should. If you are missing data you can go back and make changes and edits. Once you implement the PCP you cannot make changes to this document.

We look forward to your feedback. Please reach out with any questions.

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