PCP: Getting Started & Entering Outcomes, Goals & Strategies

Welcome to our Person Centered Plan feature. You will see how to begin the PCP process and then enter in the Outcomes, Goals and Strategies. The example shown here is for a PCP Go Live Template. 

Step 1: Go into the individual's eChart and find the PCP button and click to begin.

Step 2: Once inside you will see a button that says Configure PCP-click this button.

Step 3: Here you are entering the annual date (month/day) and then click save.

Step 4: Now you are on your PCP board. Click where you see Start PCP.

Step 5: You will select the PCP Type and then a template. You will follow your organization guidelines as to which template to work with.

Step 6: The system then takes you into the PCP module. You will have a status bar showing your due date, remaining days, type, status, etc. Here are 2 examples

On Track:

Off Track:

Step 7: On the left you will see tasks to be completed. Click on the task to open the details. For this task you are to enter Outcomes/Goals and Strategies. Click the blue Goal link.

Step 8: Once in this section you will see Add Outcome. Click here to begin.

Step 9: Fill in the Outcome, description, relevant focus area and outcome category. It is very important for all sections to be complete. Incomplete sections will affect PIP documentation.

Step 10: Once you click save the Add Goal button will appear for you to click.

Step 11: Fill out the Goal, target date, person responsible (who monitors the goal progress), description, note how the progress will be monitored and then save.

Step 12: Once you save the goal the Add Strategy button will appear for you to click.

In this section (Strategies) you customize what the staff will see in the Care Tracker. The better the information entered into this section the better the tracking and data you will collect. 

Step 13: Fill out each of the sections below. 

  • Strategy title
  • Target Date
  • Person Responsible (staff that monitors the goal progress)
  • Description of strategy
  • How progress will be monitored
  • Services to be provided/Expected Achievements and Outcomes
    • This section shows directly in list form on the Care Tracker for staff to use for their charting. The information entered here should be the information you want to capture toward the goal.

Step 14: Here are several more sections to be filled out.

  • Status options
  • Protocol-here you can add any organization specific information
  • Capture Readings-staff can capture simple count readings if this is enabled
  • Prompts-you can provide staff with a prompt sequence

Step 15: Nearing the final steps 

  • Comments-this can be helpful information specific to the individual 
  • When & How Often-a very important step. This will show for staff on the Care Tracker to be charted. If all services are left as needed you may risk not having charting performed. You can set services at a set time and as needed.

Step 16: Once you have the schedule selected you fill out the final sections.

  • Service Provided By-by role select the staff that will work with this individual on this strategy.
  • Warning-if you select a user by name only that person can chart in the Care Tracker
  • Show on Care Tracker-enable this feature so that staff can chart
  • Funding Stream-this ties the service to Attendance and the PIP document.
  • Scroll to the top and SAVE.

Step 17: Now you will see the information you have built. You may need to refresh your screen.

Step 18: Once you have entered all information you can mark this task in the PCP board as done.

Step 19: Complete all tasks and mark them as done. Once they are complete you are ready to implement your PCP. Click where you see Enter Implementation Date

**Before you implement make sure that all information shows properly on your PIP. You can make any necessary edits/changes. Once you implement you cannot make changes for that document. (See PIP Help Document for more information)

Step 20: Once you implement you are taken to the PCP Board section and you will see the PCP is now sitting in the Current section.

Step 21: You can see the strategy in the Care Tracker. 

  • Sort by the individual
  • Sort by All (under Assigned To)
  • Click where you see Day Shift next to the Goal & Outcome

Step 22: This is what staff sees when they go to chart. They will make their selections based off the custom sections you provide. There is a note section for additional information.

Step 23: As the staff mark the services you start to gather data for monitoring the progress. 

Please be sure to check out some of our other documents on the PCP process and if you have any questions feel free to reach out for assistance.

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