What is My Work?

The purpose of My Work is to give you a single dashboard where you can see and manage all of your tasks, notifications, and mentions. It’s like your stack of things to do right here under your home screen.

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Here's how it works:

  1.  To get started go to the left navigation bar and click on the bin icon.
  2. On the My Work menu on the left side, you have Tasks, Alerts, and Mentions. Let’s start by defining each of these sections.
    1. Tasks are action items that have been assigned to you or your role. Tasks can come from many different places throughout the system, My Work gives you a simple centralized location to see and manage all your tasks. Here are some different types of tasks that come into My Work:
  • Person-Centered Plan: Any activity you are responsible to complete in your agency’s PCP workflow, you can see what’s coming up due here for everyone you support so you can keep those PCP’s on track.
  • General tasks: You can add general tasks, or others can assign general tasks for you, that will show up on your list. Example, approve payroll on Fridays, check Shelter-in-Place kits monthly, etc.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance staff will see their maintenance requests and mark them as in-progress, completed etc. 
  • Incident Report: When reviewing an incident, certain staff can add tasks and assign them as a needed follow-up. For example, need to follow up with a PCP within 3 days of an ER visit.
  • Drills: When completing or reviewing an emergency or fire drill, certain staff can add tasks and assign them as a needed follow-up. For example, if batteries in the smoke detector need to be changed, or lint trap needs to be cleaned.

3. From the My Work task list, you can perform the following actions:

  • Filter by Task Type, Time frame Due, Status, Location, Assigned to. You can expand/collapse the filter by clicking the green filter icon on the top right.
  • Add Task by clicking the blue Add Task button on the top right, next to the filter icon. This is how you add a “general” type of task.
  •  Click on any task to see the details and description of the task.
  • You can also comment on a task, and/or upload documents if the task type permits. For example, if it is a PCP type task to upload a copy of the PCP, you can upload the document to that task and mark it as complete, right from the My Work screen.
  •  Update Status of tasks to In-Progress or Completed.

4. Next, the Alerts section will show you any notifications that are generated from iCareManager based on workflow rules set up by your system administrator.

  • Click on any task to see the details and description of the notification.
  • Create a follow-up task by clicking on the blue button that says Add Follow-Up.
  • Comment on the task as needed.

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