Clinical Contact Note

Welcome to our new Clinical Contact Note feature. This new note feature in iCM is a way for psychology and clinical staff to document contact they have with people who are in need of behavior support services. In the case where the Clinical Contact is billable, the service information will show to attendance to be billed. The printed Clinical Contact Note is the supporting documentation for this billing. 

Step 1: In the individual eChart click where you see Clinical Contact Note.

Step 2: This will show you all of the clinical contact notes that have been completed for this person along with some filters at the top for easy sorting. When you are ready click on Add Note to begin.

Step 3: Make selections in each section. Enter the service date, start and end time. The duration will automatically calculate for you.

Step 4: If this is a billable service, click Is Billable and then select the funding stream. Note: The funding stream dropdown will show any funding stream(s) the person has listed in their Program/Site that you selected at the very top.

*This step will automatically mark the billable time in the person's attendance for the day

Step 5: Enter a narrative about the specific activity performed, intervention and any additional notes. You can expand these sections by clicking in the bottom right corner and dragging. 

Once all of this is complete scroll to the top and click on Save

Step 6: Once you have saved the note the click to sign button will appear. Sign and Save.

Step 7: You can now print this document by clicking where it says print.

We look forward to your feedback. Please reach out with any questions.

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