How to set up tracking for Monitors and Baselines?

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Charting vital signs, bowel movements and seizures can be a daily task. Each one of these provide important data.  In this industry one important daily function for staff is monitoring bowel movements for the people they support. This helps staff, nurses and doctors to keep track of activity and helps to avoid a potential life threatening issue. With our newest enhancement you are now able to set up charting under multiple programs and you can add As Needed charting as well.  Let's take a look at setting up bowel movement monitoring and how this works on the Care Tracker.

Here's an example of how to set up a Bowel Movement Chart:

  1. Find the individual you need to set the chart under and go into their profile section.
  2.  Once inside the profile select Monitors & Baselines and then select Bowel Movement. Click edit to begin.
  3.  Select the toggle on to Monitor Bowel Movement. You can also set the number of days with no BM for an alert to generate. 
  4. Click save and then click on Schedule.
  5. You must first select the program for which you are setting up the chart.
  6.  On the next screen you will fill out the various sections.
  7. Provide a description of the service staff are to perform.
  8. Add any additional services to be provided such as: enema given, nurse notified, etc
  9. Select a status. Status is required on the Care Tracker side. We recommend to select at least Occurrence Not Noticed and Occurrence Noticed
  10. Set the schedule for charting
  11. You can also select if this should be performed As Needed as well.
  12. Select the staff by role
  13. Click Save

**You do not need to enter any BM Types. This information will automatically populate on the Care Tracker**

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