How to change my password?

It is very important to change your password when you first begin with iCM. Your organization may also require regular password changes.

Here's how to change your password:

  1.  At the top of the main dashboard to the right click on your name.
  2. When you see the drop down menu click on Profile.
  3. Now you are in your employee profile. On the left toward the bottom you will see Change Password in purple
  4. Click on change password.
  5. The password is changed in this section. Your password must contain at least one number, one uppercase letter and one special character (!@#$%&*). Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length. 
  6. When you enter your new password and receive the message that it is complex then you can confirm and save.
  7. If you cannot remember your password you can click forgot your password on the login screen. 

If you need immediate assistance with your password reach out to your manager or supervisor for assistance. 

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