How can we get ready for LTSS billing?

iCareManager is integrated with Maryland LTSS for billing.

Here are 6 steps to get you ready for LTSS billing :

  1. Click on the Facility Globe Icon and go to Manage Funding Streams. Make sure that you have a funding stream that matches each of DDA’s services. Reference: LTSS Service Identifiers List
  2. Set up the units in each Funding Stream to properly capture how units are calculated for each funding stream ex.  (hourly, daily, 15 mins).
  3. Enter the LTSS Identifier for each funding stream. Reference: LTSS Service Identifiers List
  4. Enter the Medical Assistance Number for each Funding Stream. For most non-site based services, this will be the parent MA number for your agency in e-Prep. For a funding stream where each site has a unique MA number, leave the MA number blank in the Funding Stream, and check the box under it that says Use Site Based MA Number.
  5. For sites that have their own Site-Based MA Number for billing, enter that MA number in the site record by going to Manage Programs and clicking on that site in your org hierarchy.
  6.  Enter LTSS ID’s in each person’s profile. This can be entered by going to a person’s profile and editing their Basic Information. Each person has their LTSS ID listed in PCIS2. If you pull a report from PCIS2 called Consumers in Services, you can send this and we will import the LTSS ID’s for you.

All of this information will be required to upload billing from iCM to LTSS and will be pulled to iCM’s Billing View along with attendance data, to upload from iCM to LTSS.

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