How does the Service Plan work?

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A very important aspect to caring for residents is creating a comprehensive service plan for staff to implement and follow. 

Here's how the Service Plan works:

  1. In Profile->Basic Information->Service Plan Information (populate all applicable sections) 
  2. In Profile->Medical Info  Make sure all Allergy and Diagnosis information is populated. Here you can attach an ADL/Service to a diagnosis. This is how you create the plan and guide staff. 
  3. In eChart-> Resident Assessment-complete all sections that apply. There are many assessments in this section. This is all important information but you may not want all of this to show or populate on a service plan. You have the option to pull information from these assessments forward into the plan. 
  4.  Each assessment section has a series of check boxes. All of this information is important and will populate to many areas of the eChart and assessments.
  5. In eChart-> Services section-This is where all information comes together and plan is created
  6. Under Diagnosis Tab, All diagnosis information from the profile section will show. In the list click on the diagnosis and then the arrow for a drop down.
  7. Select the drop down item by clicking and on the right hand side of the screen fill out the following fields: degree of help needed, description of dx/service, services to be provided (by staff), when/how often and then services provided by (which staff group or groups)
  8. Where you see the toggle: Show on Care Tracker, you have the ability to decide whether or not to push this data for staff to chart on the Care Tracker feature. You do not need to toggle this on in order for the data to show on your service plan.
  9. Under Assessments Tab, Follow the same procedure as the previous sections. Where you see the word plan-click to pull in the assessments you would like to include in your service plan. Once all are selected you click in the list items to complete the information you want to add to best guide your staff.
  10. Begin selecting ADL’s from the list on the side. Make sure to indicate degree of help needed, any devices and description of services. Add services to be provided. Repeat this process for every ADL needed in the Service Plan. 
  11. Once all Services are complete click Service Plan (New) button.
  12.  Select Add Service Plan.   
  13. Select the Date and Program
  14. Click Generate Service Plan.
  15. You can then click to sign the document.

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