How to Hold or Omit Meds?

From time to time you may need to hold or omit a medication.

Here's how:

  1. From the main iCM dashboard select the residents/individuals tab.
  2. Once inside this section find the person you need to chart and select his or her eChart tab.
  3. Once inside the eChart you need to next select the eMAR button. Note, this feature cannot be accessed from the main eMAR tab.
  4. Now that you are inside the eMAR tab you will see in red View Errors & Omissions. To set an error or omission select the small arrow to bring up a drop down menu.
  5. Once the drop down appears you have the option to set information for one medication or multiple medications. Make your selection to continue.
  6. In each of the sections that appear you have the ability to make selections. First start by selecting the type of error/omission.
  7. Next you have a drop down of all medications for this person. If there were errors for a medication it is important to set the error information before discontinuing the medication.
  8. Some medications may have more than one time that they are administered. Make sure to select the correct administration time.
  9.  One of the most important steps is to select the date. If this is a hold and you want to set a specific time frame you need to manipulate the date range. If this is an open ended hold and the end date is not yet known you can clear the To Date field. The next most important step is documenting the reason behind the hold or error. Make sure to enter appropriate comments as these will show on the back of the eMAR. Once finished make sure to click the save button.

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