How to Set Up Other App MFA for Customers and their Staff

        Customer Other Auth Apps MFA Set Up

        • Customer decides to use MFA and if necessary reaches out to the company to determine any need to create an account and potential costs associated with usage. 
        • In iCM, Customer selects Admin Tools-> iCM Account Settings-> MFA Settings 
        • Customer toggles MFA slider. This requires MFA for all Staff.

        • Customer choses: Other Auth Apps
        • Roles Included: If the Customer wants to require MFA for specific Roles, the Role should be added here.
        • Staff Included: If the Customer only wants MFA to apply to specific Staff, Staff names are to be added here.
        • Staff Excluded: If the Customer wants to exclude Staff from MFA, staff names should be added here.

        Staff MFA Set Up

        • MFA required Staff will be required to download the customer’s choice of MFA.  This process should be completed prior to following the procedures below.
        • Staff entering their username and password on the iCM login screen will be directed to the screens below.


        • Using their phone, Staff will open any Authenticator app(Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc) and add new account by scanning the QR code
        • Staff will select the Ok tab on the computer and then enter the code received on their phone.  Codes may be time sensitive and should be entered quickly.
        • Entering the correct code will now finalize the Staff’s login to iCM and the iCM Dashboard will automatically display

        Customer Requirements for Resetting a Staff's access due to Staff accidentally deleting the MFA or changing phones

        • In iCM, Customer selects Admin Tools-> iCM Account Settings-> MFA Settings  and then using the box noted below, Edit and adds the Staff's name to Reset.

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