How to manage doctor appointments?

iCareManager's Doctor Appointments module can help you keep track of doctors appointments for people you support.

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Here's how to manage doctor appointments:

  1. From the main dashboard click on your person/individual/resident icon
  2. From your list find the individual and click on eChart
  3.  Once inside the eChart click on Doctor Appointments.
  4. Once inside the module you will see Add Appointment. Click here to get started.
  5. Next you will have a pop up window to enter all the appointment details.
  6. Once you have added the appointment you are taken back to the appointment main screen. You have some drop downs for making changes to the appointment and generating documents.
  7. You can mark the appointment in progress, complete, cancel or reschedule it by using the drop down.
  8.  From the drop down select complete to change an appointment status to completed.

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