Doctor or Health Appointments Module

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Managing provider appointments can be a large task but we have just the tool to better help you manage this important information. Let's take a look.

Step 1: From the main dashboard click on your person/individual/resident icon

Step 2: From your list find the individual and click on eChart

Step 3: Once inside the eChart click on Doctor Appointments.

Step 4: Once inside the module you will see Add Appointment. Click here to get started.

Step 5: Next you will have a pop up window to enter all the appointment details.

  •          Type of appointment
  •          Provider detail
  •          Date and Time
  •          Reason for the visit
  •          Person responsible (staff, family or other)
  •          Events Calendar (for global appointment tracking)
  •          Comments

Step 6: Once you have added the appointment you are taken back to the appointment main screen. You can see below that you have some drop downs for making changes to the appointment and generating documents.

You can mark the appointment in progress, complete, cancel or reschedule it by using the drop down.

Step 7: From the drop down select complete to change an appointment status to completed.

  •          Make sure to fill out the comments sections with any information from the appointment.
  •          If you have scanned in your appointment documents you can upload them and attach                   them to the appointment at this time.
  •          You can also schedule the follow up right from this screen.

Step 8: Now let’s look at how to cancel an appointment. If you need to add specific information you can select other and you will then have a text box.

Step 9: You can also easily reschedule appointments. The system will pull forward the provider information. 

Let’s take a look at generating your appointment documents.

Step 1: Where you see the word Documents click on the word (not the arrow).

Step 2: Select generate and you will get a pop up window.  

Step 3: Select the document type for the appointment.

**A PMOF is an all in one document with medication list and spaces for new orders. A medical appointment record does not have a medication list.

Step 4: Next you will see a Manage Appointment Documents section right below the appointment information. Here you can upload, View and print the document. 

This new feature allows you to work with the document in one screen. You will not need to go to the PMOF section.

You can view appointment history by clicking on the History tab. 

You can also print out appointment reports. Visit our reports feature by clicking the icon seen below on the left hand side of the screen.

Inside the reporting feature you can click on Medical. Here you can generate an appointments report. 

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