Release Notes

New Features

Discontinue a Behavior Support Plan

  • Created ability to discontinue a BSP. This marks the BSP as discontinued and discontinues all related goals and services in the CT. Allows you to enter a Discontinued Date and Reason. Please note that this does not discontinue associated trainings required with the BSP, this will be a later enhancement. 


  • Fixed issue with permissions: When the permission for individual profile is set for view, staff were still able to make edits the funding units. Now when the permission is set to view it restricts the ability to add/edit funding units.
  • Now enabling users to rename folders in Scanned Items.
  • Fixed issue with year not showing properly for Uploaded By/On against document uploaded. 
  • Installed more beacons throughout the system for ease of use of the on screen support.
  • Fixed issue with the fax details in progress notes.
  • Fixed an issue with red toaster when implementing a BSP. 
  • Fixed issue where COVID Booster was not showing on Face Sheet. 
  • Fixed issue with terminated staff pulling into the strategy - person responsible section.  

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