User Security Overview

At iCM we take system security seriously. All users of the system have an obligation to protect the content and adhere to HIPAA guidelines for safeguarding medical information. All users of the system have their own username and password. This information should never be saved to a device or shared with other staff.  To comply with certain HIPAA rules, you can turn this feature on which will lock the accounts of staff members who have had multiple failed attempts to login to the system. 

System security begins with the user. When an employee is added to the system they are given a username and password. It is recommended that the password be changed to something they will remember but this is not required. If a user forgets their password this can be changed by the system administrator or designated staff from the staff homepage or the staff profile. If a workflow rule has been set regarding password change it will appear as an alert at the top of the dashboard. All staff are strongly encouraged to always check their alerts and messages. 

If staff fail to log out when they walk away from their device the system will time them out from 7-10 minutes. If staff close out of the browser they are working in without properly logging out this will log them out of the system. They will not be able to reopen the browser and pick up where they left off. Proper system logout is recommended. 

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