What's a PMOF?

Every time an individual/resident goes for an appointment, a Physician Medication Order Form (PMOF) needs to be generated and sent along so that the provider has the most up to date information and medication list to sign off on.  There are spaces for new orders to be written and a signature line. When this is returned to your facility it is considered orders and can be faxed to your pharmacy as such. This document allows physicians to update their records, change orders and provide for refills. Pharmacy requirements also mandate that they have a signed copy of orders and this document is the perfect tool. This streamlines communication with facility, physician, pharmacy, individual and family/POA.

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Here's how to generate a PMOF:

  1. Go to the individual/resident eChart -> PMOF
  2. Click/touch Generate PMOF
  3. Choose appointment or update and then select the date.
  4. Select provider (if necessary add provider)
  5. You may select staff going with client, enter family or leave blank. You may enter reason for visit: sick, routine, follow up or leave blank. There is a notes section with pre-filled information. 
  6. You may leave standard notes in note section or clear this field and enter your own notes/concerns. Below is an example of what you can enter. Once all selections are made click Save.
  7. From the next screen this saved PMOF is ready to print or system fax directly to the provider

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