Setting Permission to Manage Providers

Permissions control what staff can or cannot do in the system. For setting permissions for managing providers you need to set permissions in a few places. Let's take a look and how to do this. 

1. Start by going into Permissions and then Permissions Manager.

2.Find the role you want to adjust or set and click to highlight this role and bring up the permissions on the screen.

3.Sort at the top for Admin Tools and then select Manage Provider in the list and set the permission (No access, View, Add, Edit, Delete) Make sure to Save

4.Next sort by Provider and set the permissions on the screen. Make sure to Save

5.Finally go to Manage Sites and make sure this access is set to View (at the top). Of course you can set other permissions found on this screen. Don't forget to Save

Make sure after setting each permission that you have clicked on save. These changes are automatic and staff will have immediate access. They may need to refresh their screen to see the changes if they are currently logged in.

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