How to set up a workflow rule?

iCareManager allows you to set up workflow rules to trigger alerts on different types of events that occur within the system.

Here's how to set up an alert:

  1. Go to Admin Tools (wrench at bottom left of screen - if you don't have this icon please see your system admin).
  2. Go to Workflow Manager (in the red).
  3. On the left, you will see a list of types of alerts that can be set up, and you can filter this list by type.
  4. Once you find the alert you want to set up, click on it and click the green Add Workflow Rule button.
  5. Start by defining the locations and individuals the rule applies to, and then the roles you would like to receive the alert. Different alerts have different fields depending on what type of alert you are working with.
  6. Check off the boxes for Notification Type to identify how you would like staff to receive the alert. Please note that the staff must have alerts turned on in their profile, and a valid email and phone number must be in the staff profile in order to receive the notifications outside of the system.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Toggle on the enable button back on the workflow rule list view. This step will turn the alert ON.

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