Managing Individual/Resident Status

Changing Individual/Resident Status

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The people that you care for will come and go from the facility. They may go out for an appointment, engagement with their family, for a vacation or to the hospital. Managing their status to and from the facility is an important task. All staff should have the ability to manage a resident status. Let's take a look at this feature. 

Step 1

From the main dashboard go to your resident/individual people module. Once you are in the eChart for the correct individual you can proceed.

Step 2

Next to the green Active bar click/touch the small arrow to activate the Manage Status drop down.

Step 3

Next you need to click/touch the Change Status tab shown in green.

Step 4

Make your selection from the drop down for the change in status.

Step 5

This next step is important. You will notice that the system is already set to stop medications, stop services, log a care note, create a progress note and add an incident report. These things may not be necessary for a simple LOA due to meal out with family. Medications and services should be stopped and this will keep you in compliance. It is up to your discretion and facility policy as to how you want staff to proceed. Clear instructions should be provided for staff. 

Step 6

For this particular instance I removed the added notes and incident report. Next select your date and time and then click/touch Change Status.

Step 7

Back on the profile you can now see that her status is LOA (leave of absence). If you have made an error you can delete this status by clicking the red trashcan icon on the right. She will remain in LOA status until her status is changed again. 

Step 8

She is now back and it is time to change her status back to Active. Follow the same steps as before. Go back to profile, activate drop down and make selections Now is the time to make sure that medications and services will be restarted. Again, follow your own protocol for notes and incident reporting and then click/touch Change Status.

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