How to link the Outreach folders?

We have enhanced the Outreach module by linking document management to give you the best and most secure way to manage all your intake documents. Let's take a look at how to set this up. 

  1. Go to Admin Tools and then select Manage Document Types.
  2. Here you will create a custom list of all the document types for your agency (example: Assessment, Identification, Social Security Card, etc)
  3. Set the permission for access to use these document types when uploading documents by clicking on Set Permission.
  4.  Go back to Admin Tools and then click on Document Management.
  5. Under the Individual Document Template create an Outreach folder by clicking on Add Folder.
  6. Next you want to link the folder by clicking the Link button and select Outreach Documents from the dropdown. 
  7. You can then link all the document types by selecting them in the dropdown menu. 
  8. Once you have created, set permissions and linked you will then see the folder showing in Outreach.
  9.  To upload you simply click on the folder and then you will see the Upload Document button

 Tip: If staff have access to upload they must also have access to the document types or they will not be able to upload. 

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