Release Notes

New Features

Home Inspection

  • Created a new setting so agencies can customize their own home inspection forms. This can be found under Admin Tools -> Settings -> Home Inspection Settings.


  • Created an alert for Individual PCP Implementation Upcoming.

Progress Note

  • Implemented a Mark as Reviewed feature.

Initial Nursing Evaluation

  • Placed all pertinent sections under the INE feature making it simpler to complete an INE in one place.


  • Created a setting to require certain fields. This can be found under Settings - > Drill Settings.


  • Separated Mark Private and View Private incidents into 2 separate permissions.


  • Added appointment type "Non-Routine" for acute appointments.


  • Provided ability to edit a previously saved entry in the CareTracker by clicking on the green marked button.

Replace Funding Streams

  • Rolled out ability to replace funding streams, attaching all goals to the new funding stream.


  • We are now removing service contacts once a staff is terminated.
  • Fixed issue where user could clock in twice.
  • Fixed issue where PCP Training checklist pulled incorrect Travel information.
  • Fixed Relationship Type in Outreach module.
  • Added DC DDA as a funding source.
  • Fixed issue with document management folders duplicating. 

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