What do I need to know about pharmacy integration?

What You Need to Know About Pharmacy Integration

Pharmacy Integration versus Non-integration

A key component of medication management is a close relationship with the pharmacy. Whether you choose to be integrated with a pharmacy or enter your orders in house we are able to provide you with a state of the art medication management and e-MAR tool.

If you choose integration you will have all of your orders entered by the pharmacy and waiting for you to simply verify once delivered to your facility.  Having an integrated pharmacy means having a partnership in medication management. The pharmacy keeps a close record of all medications and potential allergies which helps to ensure safety and compliance. The process of having an integrated pharmacy also streamlines your order entry and helps your individuals to have more efficient and on time administration of their medications. Integration also puts refill requests at your fingertips and a more efficient work flow with the pharmacy.

If you choose to not integrate with the pharmacy you will need to enter all of your orders in house once they have been delivered. This process can take time, although not difficult to learn, and there is a potential higher risk of entry error. This can take essential staff away from providing care and cause a delay in the implementation and administration of the medication. Often times not being integrated means you have more than one pharmacy which can create risks and cause delays.

Whichever option you choose we are able to provide you with all the tools necessary for managing medications.

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