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Care Tracker: Creating & Cultivating Care

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To instruct users how to enter information to populate services, goals and outcomes for individuals under their care. How to track completion of care and monitor compliance. 


This document will show you the steps for entering services and setting meaningful goals and outcomes for your participants. This information should be compiled and entered by a nurse or manager level staff.


The Care Tracker is a useful tool for monitoring assigned tasks for staff and setting goals and achieving outcomes for the individual. Let’s take a look at the Care Tracker module. To begin an individual must have services added to their profile so that those services appear on the Care Tracker.

Step 1

To enter a service to be tracked you go to the resident e-Chart as seen below and click/touch Services under the eChart drop down.

Once in services you will see the screen below.  

Step 2

You begin by selecting the Program for which you are creating the task and then you click the module for the task you want to create. You can see that under ADL’s the first available support section is Ambulation.                              

Step 3

To begin working you click/touch the blue pen icon start making your selections.  Some of the fields have drop down information you can select from (DME) while in the services to be provided section you are creating the task, achievements and outcomes in your words of by following facility protocol.

Step 4

You are able to select a group of staff to perform a task or a specific staff member. When you select a group of staff (example-Manager) a box will show under this field and allow a specific user name. If you leave this blank the task is open to everyone in this role.

Step 5

When you select the providers of the service, those working are able to perform the task and record what took place. In order for staff to see what you entered you must select Show on care tracker.

Step 6

You continue to move down the list selecting all categories under ADL that you wish to create tasks for. Each time you need to choose the Show on care tracker button at the end.

Any comments that are typed will also show in the care tracker. Notes can be helpful for staff especially if the individual has specific difficulties or the staff is new to the individual.

Once you have completed the sections you wish to complete you then move across the tab bar. 

Step 7

The next section is  Behavioral & Cognitive Needs.  Make sure to carefully add your information and save as you go along. Don’t forget to select to show on care tracker.

Step 8

For Goals & Outcomes you need to add what the goal is and what you would like the outcome to be. Once you select Add Outcome a box will open for your information input.

Once you have entered all the desired information and populated all fields you can take a look at the Care Tracker to see how it looks. If you do not like the wording or need to change information you go back to that section and edit using the blue pen icon. If you want to delete an entry and start over you can use the red trashcan icon.

Step 9

To access the Care Tracker you can enter while in the e-Chart or from the dashboard by clicking the paper and pen icon on the left side.

Once inside the care tracker you will notice it looks similar to the e-MAR. 

Step 10

To open a set of services for an individual you simply click/touch Services.


You will automatically be opened to the current time of day/schedule. 

Step 11

To chart that the services have been completed you click/touch Services Provided tab and a drop down will appear.

The staff has the ability to add a note and they enter the time and hit Done. Now they can move down the list to the various services/tasks to be completed.

As the day progresses the care tracker moves like a clock to the next shift. You can see below it is now on the afternoon shift tasks. 

Step 12

It is possible to move back to the morning by clicking a tab that can be found at the top of the screen. You can also jump to another date by using the jump feature at the top right. You have many options for searching for an individual or staff member. There is also a compliance meter on this dashboard to let you know how the staff is progressing.

Once you have completed the month you are able to generate and print out a caretracker report. The report can be basic or include charts and graphs when printing out. Let's look at this feature. 

Step 13

To activate reports you must be in the care tracker dashboard area as seen below. Next to services there is a small arrow. Click/touch the arrow to activate drop down.

Step 14

Select generate report and you will be taken to the next screen. All services for an individual will show. You may select all to print or choose the services you are most interested in. To hand select the services you check the small box to the right as seen below. 

Some services may have more data than others due to the nature of the service. If you are wanting more data or information you can adjust the service to add more detail for that data to be captured. All services can be edited at any time. 

Step 15

Once you have made all of your selections you return to the top of the screen and you will see Print Report. A drop down will appear for you to choose if you want chart and log to show on report. Once you make your selection you are ready to print.

All of your selected services to be printed will appear in a pop up window and printing will begin. These reports can be generated for past months and they are a very useful tool for monitoring individual services, goals and outcomes. 

This has been an overview of setting services and working in the Care Tracker module.

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