How to set up Services to be recorded in the CareTracker?

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The Care Tracker is a useful tool for monitoring assigned tasks for staff and setting goals and achieving outcomes for the individual. To begin an individual must have services added to their profile so that those services appear on the Care Tracker. 

Here's how to set up services for tracking in the Care Tracker:

  1. To enter a service to be tracked you go to the resident e-Chart  and click Services.
  2. Once in services, begin by selecting the Program for which you are creating the task.
  3. Click one of the tabs below (ex. ADL's, Other) to select the module for the task you want to create. Under ADLs, select the ADL you want to create a service for and start typing. For other modules, click the add button.
  4. Start filling out what information you would like to track in the CareTracker on the services screen. Note: Services to be provided/expected outcomes are the checkboxes that will appear for staff to check off in the CareTracker.
  5. If you want, you can capture additional data (readings and prompts)
  6. Make sure to select When and How Often to define when data should be collected.
  7. You are able to select a group of staff to perform a task or a specific staff member. When you select a group of staff (example-Manager) a box will show under this field and allow a specific user name. If you leave this blank the task is open to everyone in this role.
  8. When you select the providers of the service, those working are able to perform the task and record what took place. In order for staff to see what you entered you must select Show on care tracker.
  9. Then select the funding stream(s)  that this service is tied to.
  10. You continue to move down the list selecting all categories under ADL that you wish to create tasks for. Each time you need to choose the Show on care tracker button at the end.
  11. Any protocols that are typed will also show in the care tracker. Notes can be helpful for staff especially if the individual has specific difficulties or the staff is new to the individual.
  12. Once you have completed the sections you wish to complete you then move across the tab bar.
  13. For Goals & Outcomes you need to add what the goal is and what you would like the outcome to be. Once you select Add Outcome a box will open for your information input.
  14. Once you have entered all the desired information and populated all fields you can take a look at the Care Tracker to see how it looks. If you do not like the wording or need to change information you go back to that section and edit using the blue pen icon.                              

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