How to verify medications from the pharmacy?

In order to keep a medication list current, you will need to continuously verify orders from the pharmacy.

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Here's how:

  1. From the ICM dashboard you will see a Non-Verified Medications meter to the right. You will only have this feature if you are integrated with a pharmacy.
  2. Touch/click verify to see all pending orders waiting for verification. Before proceeding make sure to have your original order/prescription ready for the next steps.
  3. Individuals with pending orders will appear in this section once opened and you touch/click Orders.
  4. Once this field is open you will see all pending orders for this individual. Touch/click verify order.
  5. In this section there are many important features. Medications can be taken on a basic daily routine schedule or have more intricate details such as required vitals or special placement/schedules. It is always important to make sure to compare the order you have with what has been entered by the pharmacy and if there are discrepancies contact the pharmacy. You are able to work in all fields by touching/clicking the pen icon in each section.
  6. Make sure to always populate the Purpose field. This is the reason/diagnosis for this order.
  7. By default you can see that crushing, readings (vitals) and site are set to No. If the medication requires this per the order this is where you click and select.
  8. The final section for verifying an order is the schedule section. In this section you can set orders for routine daily administration or to a different more specialized schedule.Once you have made your selections simply touch/click Add Schedule Row.
  9. One last feature before verifying is the D/C date field. By default this is left blank and orders run until you discontinue them. However, if you have a short term order: antibiotic for 10 days you can calculate the stop date and set the medication to discontinue automatically after that last dose.  Once you touch/click this box a calendar and clock will pop up for you to make your selections. Make sure to calculate properly and set the time for well after the last dose is to be given.
  10. Once all of the above is complete you are ready to verify the order by touching/clicking Verify Order Now. You will follow the same basic process when verifying a PRN medication. However, as needed medications can also have a schedule or parameter for taking them, for example: every 6 hours. 

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