Verifying Medications from the Pharmacy

Verifying Integrated Medications

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Medication Management: Verifying a Medication (New)

From the ICM dashboard you will see a Non-Verified Medications meter to the right. You will only have this feature if you are integrated with a pharmacy.

Step 1

Touch/click verify to see all pending orders waiting for verification. Before proceeding make sure to have your original order/prescription ready for the next steps.

Step 2

Individuals with pending orders will appear in this section once opened and you touch/click Orders.

Step 3

Once this field is open you will see all pending orders for this individual. Touch/click verify order.

In this section there are many important features. Medications can be taken on a basic daily routine schedule or have more intricate details such as required vitals or special placement/schedules. It is always important to make sure to compare the order you have with what has been entered by the pharmacy and if there are discrepancies contact the pharmacy. You are able to work in all fields by touching/clicking the pen icon in each section.

Step 4

Make sure to always populate the Purpose field. This is the reason/diagnosis for this order.

Step 5

By default you can see that crushing, readings (vitals) and site are set to No. If the medication requires this per the order this is where you click and select.

The final section for verifying an order is the schedule section. In this section you can set orders for routine daily administration or to a different more specialized schedule.

Step 6

This is a basic routine schedule. Check the order start date, select time and you can verify.

The schedule is when the order will be performed: daily, every other, every 3 rd day, only M/W/F, certain day of the month (monthly on the first), etc.

Step 7

To open or activate these fields you simply click/touch the bubble to the left.

Step 8

Once you have made your selections simply touch/click Add Schedule Row.

Step 9: One last feature before verifying is the D/C date field. By default this is left blank and orders run until you discontinue them. However, if you have a short term order: antibiotic for 10 days you can calculate the stop date and set the medication to discontinue automatically after that last dose.  Once you touch/click this box a calendar and clock will pop up for you to make your selections. Make sure to calculate properly and set the time for well after the last dose is to be given.

Step 10

Once all of the above is complete you are ready to verify the order by touching/clicking Verify Order Now

Step 11

You will follow the same basic process when verifying a PRN medication. However, as needed medications can also have a schedule or parameter for taking them, for example: every 6 hours. 

Step 12

You should notice below that you can set a PRN schedule to match the order and set the dosage maximum in the next field. You also have the ability to set the follow up for effectiveness time and an alert will generate when the follow up has not been recorded.  Once you have entered the required information you just need to click/touch Verify Order Now.

Step 13

Setting the PRN schedule is very important when you are managing and administering narcotic comfort (hospice) medications. Often times an individual will have an order for every hour administration in an attempt to gain control over their anxiety/pain/sob. The example below shows how to set this parameter. If this parameter is not set the system has a built in maximum and it won’t allow the administration until the medication is adjusted. Once you have everything selected it's time to Verify Order Now.

If you see an order to verify an existing medication there is an important reason for this. The pharmacy is always pushing updates and information to each facility it services. 

Step 14

You need to make sure to click on this and match or link the two orders together. This will then link the most current MRN number with the pharmacy. The MRN is a number set by the pharmacy for identification purposes. Below you will see an order to be verified. This is an existing routine order. When you get to the end stage to click verify you will be brought to the next screen.

When you click next you will be brought to a screen that shows the medication on the left to be verified/matched and the possible matches (active medications) on the right side. 

Step 15

By clicking View you will see the details of the medication. Compare the two to see if they are a link.

Step 16

If the two are a match you will then choose Select to Connect. You will then see the orders stacked. Two medication names, 2 dosage, 2 type, 2 purpose, etc. At this time you can make any edits you would like, Select the bubble that corresponds with the order you have in place so that the matched order will look the same. 

Step 17

The more important step in linking/connecting orders is the schedule. When you get to this field you always want to select the bubble next to Active Medication Schedule. This allows for seamless connection and no interruption to the administration of the medication.

A good measure is to check the E-mar to make sure the medication is set properly. You can jump ahead to when the order is to start on the e-MAR by choosing the correct time frame (example: evening) or by changing date field and hitting the jump tab. If at any time you have made an error you can fix/adjust in the e-Chart for the resident under the medication tab.

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