How to Complete a Behavior Support Plan Review?

Completing a BSP review is a two step process:

  1. Review the data that is being collected for each strategy or goal on the BSP;
  2. Generate the BSP Review document which will then be saved in the system 

Here are the two steps.

Review the data

To review the data you have to go to the individual's Plan page where Behavior Supports are setup.

  1. From the individual's eChart, click on Services → Behavior Supports and then pick the goal/service that you want to review
  2. After you have selected a goal/service from the list on the left-hand side, click on the Data button on the right-side of the screen and then use the date filter to narrow the data that you want to review
  3. Review the charts & graphs on this screen and then scroll down to write your comments.  You will need to repeat this for every Goal and Strategy that is part of the BSP.

Generate the BSP Review document

To convert and compile all of your comments in a single document, you need to generate the BSP Review document.

  1. Go to the individual's Behavior Supports Plan (BSP) page by clicking on eChart → Behavior Supports Plan (BSP).  (This button is in the blue section of the eChart).
  2. Pick the BSP from the Current section and click on BSP Review
  3. Click on Generate Document then pick the charts and log types you would like to be a part of your review. 
  4. Once you are on the BSP Review Document page, filter the data by your required date range
  5. Click on blue Save button to save your work
  6. Click Signatures to sign the review
  7. To view or download as PDF, click on View

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