Release Notes

New Features


  • Under Incident Reporting Settings you can set Custom Validations, requiring that certain fields be required when completing an incident report.

Clinical Contact Note

  • On the Clinical Contact Note, comment boxes will appear next to each item that is checked off so you can expand upon the service that was delivered.
  • Changed behavioral consult to Behavioral Consultation.


  • Now when a staff is mentioned in a medical appointment, the link in My Work will take them back to the appointment in which they were mentioned.


  • Added LTSS ID to the attendance report.
  • Added time duration as a separate column in the attendance report so it can be more easily manipulated in excel.


  • Fixed the printing of the comments section of the INE so all words are not in one column on the page.
  • Fixed red toaster that was coming up on Incident Reporting screens.
  • Fixed the header on the Clinical Contact Note.
  • Fixed a bug where unsupervised time was showing incorrectly on the PCP Training Checklist.

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