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Managing Future Leads & Contacts

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One very important aspect of business is future prospects. The goal for most organizations is to remain full or as close to capacity as possible. Outreach is the activity of providing services to any populations who might not otherwise have access to those services. Leads for business come in many forms. You may have connections with another agency (hospital social worker or rehab facility), local church, word of mouth connections or good visibility to the public from your location. You may be privately owned or have state funding. Either way, outreach is a way of tracking potential clients to your facility or center. 

Step 1

From the iCM dashboard you can see a module called Outreach. Click/touch here to get started.

A list of all current leads will populate. From here you can update information on current prospects or add a new lead. Follow along. You can see below the Outreach module dashboard. There are active leads showing. 

Step 2

To get started simply click/touch Add Lead.

It is important when speaking with potential clients that you get as much information as they are comfortable giving you. Having this information helps to build a rapport with your potential clientele.: 

Step 3

Add the information and click/touch Add

Step 4

There are further sections for entering more detailed and personal information. This will help you determine the best placement for this admission based on their needs. If this lead becomes an active individual in your facility having the most up to date information will help to streamline the admission process.

Step 5

You should notice sections for adding services requested and documents. Below are more fields that can be updated providing you with the best possible picture of this future client.

Step 6

At the bottom you can select this case as an emergency. This will give a priority to this lead.

From the iCM dashboard you can get back to the Outreach module. 

Step 7

From this screen you can enter notes on any leads or you can admit a lead into your facility by touching/clicking the Admit button. By not admitting a lead it becomes in-active. It is not recommended to delete a lead because once deleted you cannot get this information back.

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